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PT. Trikarsa Sempurna Sistemindo has several success stories too important to miss; hence, historical values. Winning the market share was our initial strategy to survive in the IT industry. In the beginning we set out in the IT business as box movers, that is, strategic partner as supplier of hardware and software.

That means as a vendor, we only provide hardware and software products demanded by the customers.Our Sales Department will delightfully serve you by giving price quotations for the best products in their respective classes as desired by the customers (customized based on request) as at present the IT business, particularly in this era of globalization, has changed and it is unstrategic for IT services companies to be dependent and loyal to certain brandnames.

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"We identify the best technologies to fit your goals and budget"

Our Sales Department will be honored to serve you by giving the Offer Price for the best selection of products in its class according to the recommended brands in the desire of customers (customized base on request).

Eight reasons to do business with Trikarsa :

1. Have experience for over five years


Have considerable experience in IT



Have comprehensive solutions for
IT needs
4. Have qualified engineers



Have strong commitments and
6. Have quick response time
7. Have a growing account base
8. Have a clear focus